Many major publishers operate according to an "agency model," in which the publisher sets the price to the consumer and ALL retailers (indies, chains, Amazon) agree to sell that e-book at that price to the consumer.

This means that many of our eBooks sell at the same price as Amazon sells them.  And, through Kobo, we are competitive on the rest. Please support your local indie with your e-book purchases!

And we now have Kobo devices to sell you at very attractive prices.

Kobo eBooks cannot be returned once purchased, unless it can be shown and demonstrated that there is a corruption or flaw in the originally downloaded file that prevents its use.

We cannot extend our Frequent Buyer Card discount to eBook purchases.

Our eCommerce transactions are hosted through IndieCommerce.

The following is the IndieCommerce security statement:

Security Statement
To protect the security of the information you give us when you order online, the IndieCommerce family of sites uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. SSL encrypts your information so that no one other than IndieCommerce sites will be able to decode it. SSL establishes a secure connection between your computer and our computers, and that connection remains secure until you complete or cancel an order.
How will you know if your connection is secure? Simply check the lower left or right corner of your browser window after you access the server. If you see a closed lock or an unbroken key (depending on what browser you are using), SSL is working.

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The Thing The Book: A Monument to the Book as Object

What exactly is a book? This wildly inventive and thought-provoking volume asks that question of more than 30 of today's top creative visionaries.

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